Sunday, July 26, 2009

Travis & Emily

Our neighbor, Travis, who is 1 day older than Emily (he was born 7/3 last year and she came 7/4 :) came over today for a little swimming play date. For some reason, Emily did not want to get in the water today! She was more content snacking, watching Travis, and sitting with Mommy. I took some pictures anyway.

Snacking :)

Travis gladly got in the water and had a blast in our little Hippo Pool:

Emily got close, but never went in...

Sharing with Travis - nice girl :)

Travis's dog Tessa, who is a favorite in our neighborhood. Behind Emily is Travis's Dad Jason who just graduated with his masters and got that red riding lawnmower as a graduation gift (too bad I just got his legs in this picture :)

And more snacking! :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Luis's 3rd Birthday Party

Our babysitter's older son, Luis, turns 3 tomorrow and his birthday party was today. We had a great time...for a while there, Emily was the only girl around, so she got all the boys' attention :)

At home before we left:

At the party! Luis's theme was race cars so they had a race track in the living room set up, and the kids loved playing with it.

Emily in the middle of the track, stopping the cars :)

Taking a break laying on the floor.

Getting into Luis's presents!

Luis giving Emily a great big hug & kiss! His little brother, Noah, is opposite them on the other side of the tracks in a blue-and-white onesie.

Birthday boy with his cake! (Noah is on the left, and behind, in orange, is Rose Ann - Monique's Mom and the boys' Grandma).

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mommy's Little Helper

Today, we made the mistake of leaving the diaper bag out in plain view....and while Mom and Dad were distracted in the kitchen, Emily decided to "help" in taking it apart! I love her expression in the 2nd, what in the world is THIS??

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Yesterday my friend Elizabeth, Emily, and I had a girls' lunch at Chick-fil-A. Since we did a small family-only birthday party for Emily, we had a little birthday celebration and Emily got some great birthday gifts!! I told Steve last night, she is 1 and she has way too many toys already, and he said it only gets worse from here :) But, she loved the gifts and has been playing with them since!! Thank you, Elizabeth and the whole Smith family!

Not too sure about Mom taking pictures.....

A touch and feel animal book - you can't go wrong with books for Emily, she pretty much loves them all!

The wonderful SOFT fluffy kitty cat - Emily especially loves his whiskers!

Elizabeth and Emily playing with the Alphabet Caterpillar. This thing is amazing! It plays a different tune for each leg, recites the alphabet and sings and alphabet song, does colors, and you can pull it behind you on a string!! Emily is in love :)

Laughing her head off:

Elizabeth made me a beautiful memory box and two picture frames....

And, some pictures from the last week or so....

Playing with the cell phone that uncle Stan and aunt Rebecca gave her for her birthday.

We are no longer using the baby tub - it's all big girl now :)

And, I just had to take a picture of these curls and just how long her hair is getting....right after bath.

Caterpillar time!! Let's learn some ABC's!

Giving her teddy bears a ride in the swing.

Serious girl looking out her window....sometimes I wish I could be inside her head and see what she is thinking!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Emily went to her 1-year pediatrician appointment today. Here are the statistics!

Weight - 21 lbs = 50th percentile
Height - 30 3/4 inches = 90th percentile

Healthy happy little girl!
She got her shots & got tested for anemia (we have none!) All is well!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday & Independence Day!

Man! What a busy and exciting couple of days! Our little girl turned ONE today, July 4, 2009, and we could not be happier for her in our lives and all the joy and adventure she has brought Steve and I. We love you so much, Emily!

Emily's birthday began a day early with a celebration at Monique's house. Monique, her sons Luis and Noah, and her Mom Rose Ann made home-made cupcakes and threw Emily a party complete with a new outfit, new toys, hot pink toenails courtesy of Monique (how she can get Emily to sit still for that one over and over, and I can't get the kid to sit still for a picture, still escapes me!) and a hat Monique made her - all pictured below. I know it's weird that she is sitting on a potty but I couldn't help that one. It is sitting in the closet and she discovered it and wanted to sit on it ;)

The new outfit from Monique and her family:

LeapFrog toy from Monique - it's a refrigerator magnet, and if you put the pieces of the animals together, they make the animal sounds - fun!

Mommy and Daddy got so excited about Emily's upcoming birthday, we let her have our presents a day early too - her Princess couch that folds out into a little nap-bed, and an interactive book.

JULY 4, 2009

The morning started with Daddy making us yummy pancakes for breakfast!

And Emily was far too willing to help Mommy load the dishwasher afterwards ;)

Then we got our July 4th outfits on and celebrated America's 233rd birthday!!

Emily's birthday gifts had been coming in all week - lots of them by mail, as I have many friends that live outside of Texas. I had to take a picture of this package that my friend Kate from Omaha, NE sent, as she addressed it to "Emily Nicole George" - I thought that was so funny that Emily is just 1 and is already getting "formal" mail!

Some of the gifts.

The cake!

And Emily's "personal" cake.

The beautiful cards.

The decorations!

So I was very proud of myself for coming up with the creative idea of putting some streamers along the table portion of Emily's high chair - it said, "Happy 1st Birthday Girl" on it and everything.....didn't last of course. She discovered it and tore it up! Thanks, Em!

Ready to party!

Opening her own gifts (she only opened a couple....Mommy and Daddy did the rest).

Steve's parents have Emily the sweetest softest most huggable-ever baby doll. She has been noticing dolls lately, and I was excited she got this as a gift. How sweet is this picture of her hugging the baby? :)

Did somebody say cake?

Whoa......not sure I like that candle.....I am not much for fire....

Ok! Let's go:

Digging for more presents with Granmom.

THANK YOU everyone who sent cards, gifts, messages, and of course our family that joined us for this celebration! We love you guys!