Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day After Christmas!

Emily had an eventful day after Christmas.  She tried her high chair for the first time - we tried using it before and she was not comfortable in it.  It must have been too early. Yesterday, she loved sitting in the chair. We also noticed that she stares a hole through you when you drink from a cup, and we decided to let her try a sippy cup for the first time. It actually worked great! She didn't know to tilt it high enough to drink but she was doing everything else - holding it, taking it to her mouth, trying to sip, etc. 

In the evening, Emily's aunt Rebecca, uncle Stan, and cousins Alexandra and David came to visit. We had a great time eating pizza, watching Emily play, talking, and hanging out.  Here's Ems with aunt Rebecca:

Showing off her Jumperoo skills:

Sitting with cousin Alex:

George Girls and momma Olga aka Mimi:

Mommy and Mimi by the Christmas tree:

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Emily's First Christmas

Getting ready to hit the road - to Granmom and Grandad's house we go!

Christmas Tree!

The hand in mouth lasted all night - she's teething....

Digging for presents under the tree:

Found one!

Cousins Allison (who is expecting her first baby in May of 2009) and Merichelle:

The elf's had it for the night.....just look at that expression!  :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Polka Dots and Christmas Trees

Polka dots on her shirt and on the boppy pillow....could she be any cuter?  :)

We finally decorated our Christmas tree - Emily loves it. She likes to touch the branches and also the ornaments, we don't let her actually "play" with them but she is allowed to touch them under our supervision :)

This is Emily's Christmas gift from Mimi  - we opened it early so we can all enjoy it. It's a bronze Christmas tree with hand made ornaments from the song, "Twelve Days of Christmas".  This is something we will keep - hopefully forever - and Emily can always remember this came from Mimi on her very first Christmas.

My friend Margaret Smith, who works for Bank of New York Mellon, and saves my life daily at BOA, sent Ems this gorgeous pink ornament. It has Emily's name on it, too! This was a surprise and such a wonderful perfect gift!  Something else Emily can keep forever!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shopping at North Park

One of Steve's producer clients gave me a generous gift card to Baby Gap, and I decided, what better place to redeem it than the North Park Gap?  I love that mall anyway, but this time of year, at Christmas, it is a spectacular sight.  They have Christmas trees all over the mall, live music (piano), children's choir (my eyes got all watery because I started imagining Emily singing in one - we are hoping she'll have a musical ear and singing voice like her Grandfather Vladimir, my Dad....we'll see...)   In the middle of the mall, everything is set up for Train Rides and puppet shows.  Emily was mesmerized.  She stared at all the lights, cooed and "talked" non stop, and soooo many people came up to us and commented on how cute she was :)  (Extra bonus).

Here are a couple of pics!  The trip was super successful because we got the cutest outfits for Emily for when she is older (I decided to get her things she can "grow into" as opposed to things for "now" that she will outgrow in a month.)  Thanks for the card, Beaird and Boone Productions!!  :)

Mimi at the Coach window:

My two favorite girls :)

One of the MANY Christmas trees:

Emily loved that Santa hanging from the ceiling by Tiffany's:

Some ladies from the local retirement home dressed all festive (their exact words) and decided to take a holiday stroll through the mall.  Mom and I admired their hats and they gladly posed for a picture!

This fountain had live baby ducks and a turtle!

More Christmas trees:

When we got home, Daddy was home from his long trip to Oklahoma - he finished shooting a Chesapeake Energy commercial in Oklahoma City.  Grandad was Daddy's ride home so he was there, too!  Emily loved the attention, and at one point, when Dad and Grandad were being silly and letting Emily wear Daddy's Boston Red Sox cap, I decided to snap a photo.  Although, I have to say, she looks like a little BOY in that hat!!  :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

5 Months Old

Emily is 5 months old already.  She loves to sit, but still can't completely do it on her own, so in these 2 pictures we just propped her with a bunch of pillows.

Cereal is her new favorite thing - so much so that she doesn't let go of the spoon and won't drink as much formula as before!!  

She recently discovered that she can suck on her hands AND her here she is practicing that new skill :)

Looking in the mirror....who is that baby?  :)