Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I got home too late tonight to take decent pictures but here are a couple - it's snowing in Dallas again!! Emily and I got out for a few minutes to enjoy it :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sneaky Daddy

Daddy snuck up on us while we were reading our Christmas book tonight, "Christmas In The Manger" :)

Emily's Christmas 2009

Emily had a wonderful Christmas this year! On Christmas Eve, December 24th, I had to work....which was a shame especially because Texas saw its first-in-a-long-time white Christmas eve, with snow, wind, and cold temperatures. As much as I hate the cold, I was excited about going home and getting out in the snow with Emily, but, by the time I got home, only the cold was left, no snow to speak of, and definitely none to take pictures of. So in we stayed!

On Christmas eve, Emily spent a lot of time by the tree, sorting out the presents, "reading" cards off the mantel, and playing with the miniature Christmas tree her Mimi gave her last year. She even attempted to taste some of the decorations ;)



Tearing into her biggest present - a Princess ride-on car with music, honking horn, and handle so she can put her bears and dolls on and give them a ride by pushing the car by the handle.

Happy driver :)

I want to open everything myself, thank you very much.....

And make myself look all festive with bows and string....

Math puzzle...Emily loves numbers:

My friend Amanda gave me this scarf but Emily thought she looked much better in it than Mommy.

A present from Monique, Luis, and Noah!

Monique and her family gave Emily a play house which seems really cool - we need to try it out soon. This is the playhouse and some of the other gifts.

Jack in the Box!


I am ready! Let's go! Yay!

Wow, what is THAT?? (Emily's cousins' snowman from the night before...)

Here we are! Saying hi to everybody.

Let's open some more gifts!

After we pose for some more pictures of course.....thanks, Mommy.


Getting tired.....but that's ok cause Grandad is holding me.

Playing hide-and-go-seek with Aunt Karen.

Time to go home.....autn Karen helping Emily get her vest on.

So tired, she needed her binky!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

I'll start with some random pictures and move on to Thanksgiving at the end.

I guess all kids go through a stage where they are fascinated with adults' shoes, and Emily hit that stage big time. She looks for our shoes, puts them on, even tries to lace them up (to no avail), and starts walking around. We have to watch her because she can lose her balance easily, but she seems to think she's got the whole thing figured out.

Em loves cars! She makes the car sound any time you ask her, and is beyond thrilled when we let her "drive".

Mommy, catch!

This chameleon lizard has been hanging around the house...when Emily first saw him, she was a little apprehensive (which is understandable, I mean the guy is green one minute, brown the next) but then thought he was cute, walked up to him, said, "hi", and tried to get his attention. So I took a picture of the little guy - I have to say he WAS cute!

Daddy's little helper.

No worries, there was no DP in the can, I had just finished it, but she wanted to "pretend sip" through the straw.

Emily playing with her animal puzzle that makes animal noises when you put them in correctly.

Thanksgiving Day - out the door on her way to Granmom and Grandad's.

Granmom and Emily enjoying the nice weather in the porch swing.

Let's go!

Aunt Rebecca brought Emily an early Christmas present....and let her tear into the wrapping paper - yay!

What is it?

It's Emily's very own Nativity Set with plastic soft toys that she can set up, move around, throw, and take with her anywhere she goes, without any fears of braking them. The toys are SO cute....she's been playing with it every night since Thanksgiving.

George Girls - Rebecca, Alex, & me :)