Thursday, April 22, 2010

Monique Pix

Just a few pictures Monique sent me today - she took them in winter & "early spring". Snow day (hot chocolate later) and Emily in a T-shirt with her name, that Monique made her. Fun times!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gloomy Weekend Weather

Overcast skies and rainy clouds kept us from doing anything major outside today, but we still came out to play in the back yard. Mommy and Daddy did some yard work, while Emily (and later - neighbor & best bud Travis along with his Daddy and dog Tessa) played and had fun!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Just a couple of pictures of Emily playing outside today, and of her playing with our neighbor Travis.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 10th at the Arboretum

Pretty tulips!

Water - let's see if we can keep Emily out of it.

DeGoyer Estate.

Thousands of ladybugs were all over the flowers and the grass. Emily was trying to catch what seemed like each and every one of them!

Mommy in the flowers.


Sunday, April 4, 2010


The Easter weekend started with Emily coming home on Friday sporting a new up-do courtesy of Monique's Creations. These are both post-car-ride shots, the hair looked a lot better when I first picked Emily up from Monique's, but it still gives you a pretty good idea. Steve said it made her look like one of those pageant babies...ha ha!! To me, it just propelled me forward several years and I could see her going to prom....not that I am in a hurry to see that. Here are a couple of pics of the 'do.

On Saturday Emily got an Easter card from Granmom and Grandad! She got to open it herself and was very excited to read it.

And this is a present from Granmom and Grandad - a beautiful tulip purse!!

On Easter Sunday, we went to Granmom and Grandad's house. We were planning on doing the Easter egg hunt in Granmom's beautiful garden but the weather interfered with that plan. It was rainy and humid! So Steve came up with the idea of hiding candy all over Granmom's garden room. It was a HUGE hit!! Emily kept going for what seemed like 2 hours, and wanted more and more.

Reading another card from Granmom and Grandad.


The fun and exciting Easter egg hunt!!

The rain let up just enough for us to go in the back yard and enjoy a little bit of fresh air. Emily loved Granmom's flowers and the birds that came to the bird feeders.

She even helped Grandad sweep the patio!

Granmom surprised us by bringing out a 50 year old antique doll high chair that her neighbor was selling in a garage sale, and Granmom decided to keep it. I could not believe how unusual, exquisite, and interesting it looked, and Emily had a great time feeding the Easter Bunny in it!

An old rocking chair from the same neighbor. How cool are these old things, so pretty and delicate and yet very sturdy to have lasted 50 years and more!

And a couple of random pictures that don't have to do with Easter.

Emily loves her new Leapfrog writing pad. It's for older kids, 3 and up, but she loves the drawing function and the fact that you can get "messy" with the pen and it doesn't write anywhere but the Leapfrog pad!

Playing with a toy we got a few weeks ago at Ikea.