Saturday, September 26, 2009


We went to the Arboretum today just to go for a walk, and discovered that they already have their Pumpkin display and all the Thanksgiving colors was so sweet. We took Emily there last year when she just turned 3 months old, and what a difference this year! She loved playing with the pumpkins, watching birds and squirrels, chasing after other kids, and smelling the pretty flowers! Here are some pics.

On the way there....peekaboo!

It's not a teether's a bracelet! (Emily is great at accessorizing!)

Walking to the Pumpkin House.

Here we are!

Big girl sitting by herself on a big pumpkin!

Staring down the bird in a tree.....

Trying to spot Daddy in the crowd.

Pumpkin patch! I love this picture because she is actually looking at the camera!

Walking with Daddy to the froggie fountains.

Yay, more pumpkins!

Stretching her legs.

Time for a break!

Mommy by the water wall.

At Boston Market @ dinner with her red face! It got SO would think it was the middle of July. I love heat, but this was almost too much, even for me - all 3 of us have red faces! :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Park After Work

Today after work I put Emily in her stroller and we went to the little neighborhood park and playground. She had a great time, waving and saying "hi" to everyone who passed by; sitting on the bouncy frog; sliding down the slide first with me, and then alone; staring at the water in the pond and listening to the fountain....and on and on! It was relaxing and fun! The weather was nothing short of perfect either. Too bad it gets dark so early already, or we would have stayed longer!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pumas and Sunglasses

It's been kind of a slow weekend at the George house...Emily caught the sniffles and cough from Noah and we've been trying to get better. The cold did not stop her from getting in the refrigerator and hanging in there :)

Or running down the hall on our way to the grocery store:

My friend Justin gave Emily these pink Puma tennis shoes, and it just so happens I have the exact same shoe in navy - so we posed for a mommy-and-me picture:

Done with my hair, now what?

Her ladybug sunglasses:

Future movie star? LOL

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mommy's Birthday & Other Things

This is Emily sitting outside in her adirondike chair reading her book.

She loves looking outside.

Daddy's flip flops make the best toys sometimes...

Old Friend....Jumperoo....

My best friend Natasha sent me this sheep when I was pregnant with plays soothing music. Emily loves it and here in this picture, she is talking to it.

Reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar - a family favorite!

Stuffing her Princess couch cover into her mouth - yum!

And a few pictures from my 09/09/09 Birthday. Very excited about the 09/09/09, and a little less excited about turning 32....oh well.

Flowers and gifts from Steve.

Monique helped Emily make this birthday card for me ;)

With all the rain we've been getting, Emily has been glued to the doors & windows, watching.

Playing with my Russian Matreshka doll.

Birthday girl and her baby girl :)

Steve's Mom and Emily

My beautiful cake, courtesy of Steve's parents & the Black Forest Bakery - love that place!! (The cake is chocolate amaretto, 6 years ago we had this ordered for the wedding for Steve's grooms cake.)

Emily being silly.

Grandad getting silly right alongside Emily.

Birthday Girl 2009.

My wonderful sweet beautiful Mom and Dad (in law). Thank you for making my birthday SO special!!!!

This is all of us on Facebook after the birthday dinner &