Sunday, July 4, 2010

Emily's 2nd Birthday!

Emily turned 2 today, and we celebrated quietly at home. Well, "quietly" would not be the right word, as it was non-stop go-go-go, run, jump, scream, play, sing - the WHOLE time! Such is life with toddlers, I gather.....but, everyone had a great time and enjoyed the day!

Emily's amazing cake!! Steve's co-worker Traci does these as a hobby. We asked her to make a Mickey Mouse (as that's Emily's favorite cartoon character right now) - slash Independence Day cake, and she said, "ok!" and showed up this morning with THIS. We were speechless. Emily was beyond excited. And it was yummy, too! Vanilla and Chocolate.

Miss Independent.

My Mom with Emily.

Our little family :)

And the whole fam, minus Daddy who is taking the picture.


She is a neat freak like her Daddy, and did not appreciate her hands getting dirty while eating cake. She kept saying, "wash them, I need to wash them!"

(We did, eventually.)

New purse!

Drinking imaginary tea.

Banana, anyone?


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